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Schemes & Facilities

Schemes & Facilities

Increased longevity is a triumph of social and economic development. The number of aged in the country has increase rapidly over the years. According to 2001 Census, the proportion of Geriatric population (persons above 60 years) in India is 7.7%. The fast eroding traditional family system in the wake of rapid modernization, migration and urbanization, make caring for this huge segment of elderly population and meeting their needs a great challenge in the new millennium. It is in this context, the government has launched various schemes, concessions and policies for Older People in the country to meet these challenges. These schemes and policies are meant to promote the health, well-being and independence of the downtrodden, neglected and marginalized senior citizens in the country.

Given below are some of the Schemes and Facilities being granted to senior citizens under different ministry to make them on the path to better, peaceful and financially sound life.

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