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Happyvillage Service is the original Meals on Wheel provider, the traditional hot meals service. We deliver fresh cooked meals to people who have difficulty with shopping, carrying food home or cooking for themselves in their local area.

We offer a wide range of menu choices, covering cultural as well as dietary needs, and including special requirements like soft foods or diabetic meals. All our menus are designed to provide a good, balanced diet. They can be hot meals or frozen for eating later.

Today the service could be more accurately described as ‘Meals with care’. Our drivers are instructed to ensure that the older person is safe, well and secure. In case of any doubt, the driver will contact next of kin where applicable.

Our home delivered meals service provides friendly social contact for those who may be confined to the house, and a regular check that they are safe and well.

In some cases, once the driver has delivered a frozen meal one of our volunteers will come over and heat the meal up for the older person and stay to keep them company.

Happyvillage Service is a member of the Malnutrition Task Force who aim to minimise the risk of malnutrition to make a major difference to the health and quality of life of older people.senior-couple-enjoying-meal-together-home-54959966

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