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Evergreen Happy Village has been specifically designed to provide a continuum of care that is responsive to our residents needs as they evolve from low-level care to high-level care. This is known as aging-in-place.

This ability to transition seamlessly to an increased level of care provision enables residents and their families to plan well in advance while ensuring the least amount of disruption is experienced by residents. Residents can usually remain in the same environment with the key change being the increased level of care provided.

How does the transition of care requirements occur?

Evergreen Happy Village’s core focus of paying constant attention to resident health and wellbeing enables our well trained staff to efficiently identify when residents begin to experience difficulty in performing everyday tasks.

Our staff will discuss these observations with both the resident and their family members, ensuring due care is paid to do so compassionately and objectively, understanding that realisation and acknowledgement of decreasing capabilities is usually a very sensitive subject for most residents.

As part of our mission to ensure all residents enjoy their daily lives in an elegant, civilised manner, we treat all residents as individuals . Our carers and nursing staff are trained in the behaviours of effective listening and empathy to ensure we maintain the confidence and trust of all residents. It is through these skills that we are able to work effectively with residents’ families to make the transition from low-level care to high-level care as smooth as possible for our aging-in-place residents.

For full details on Evergreen Happy Village’s Aging-in-place care please contact our friendly staff on 9321029221

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